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Hi to all! I love taking natural landscape, travel and action shots, and have an interest (but it seems not much time) in conceptual and macro photography. For anyone who is interested, continuously growing collections of my photos (shot in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa), different by quantity and topic, can be found here: Dreamstime portfolio, Shutterstock portfolio, and Istockphoto portfolio.

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

In principle, that's all about this side of my life. :-)

Special message for fellow photographers and art-minded people - especially beginners. It's about how I can help you by sharing some ideas which could improve your life. I presume that you are a sort of creative person who does not mind to get some remuneration for own artwork. If you want to sell, online and worldwide, your own photos, illustrations, vector graphics, digitized paintings and sculptures, computer simulations (any digital images, speaking short) and even the animation, footage and video clips - carefully read this page.

There exist reputable international stock agencies which are ready to find customers (mostly designers and art directors) and sell worldwide your images or footage on your behalf, and give you a stable income because they can sell a copy (file) of the same your image or footage to many people and many times (up to few hundreds times per month, believe or not), and every time you get commission. You just need to sign a standard agreement and upload your digital artwork to their servers. At that, you do preserve/control all copyright and other proprietary rights on your artwork. A personal impression: not that gold mine (unless you dedicate yourself to it) but still it will bring you more than simply keeping your work on a hard disk until it crashes. In fact, once uploaded, your images not only will be protected from theft, fraud, loss or any other damage but also will constantly work for you giving some comissions to pay your phone/internet bills, at least. You do not have to pay to an agency for anything, just shoot, upload and earn - a kind of realization of the "creative boss-free work from home" and "turn hobby into cash" dreams.

So, you can send (upload) your digital artwork to any of the agencies listed below, or better to all of them - it's totally allowed unless you have already signed an exclusive agreement with one (what I wouldn't recommend to do to a novice, anyway). First time you will get no more than 5 sales per week but eventually everything will be fine, especially if your portfolio contains at least twenty-fifty decent images (but if you want to have stable monthly income above USD1000 then your portfolio must contain at least 400 works) - designers all over the world need images continuously and this process seems endless so far. You can sell your photos, besides, from some of your photos you can make paintings (the best software would be the Corel Painter, I think) and other illustrations and sell them as well. If you are not a photographer but a painter or sculptor or other artist - you can be still in business: digitize (photograph or scan) your works with good light and artistic composition, high resolution (I advise minimum 4 megapixels but better 6 and above) and minimum noise, and submit as any other photo (all your proprietary rights will be preserved). Finally, if you are a graphics/animation guru or computer scientist: most of the agencies listed below also accept, or will accept soon, vector graphics, fractals, simulations, flash animations, footage, etc.

All this is not difficult, just carefully read my brief guide below and go ahead - no harm trying.

Photosky's BRIEF GUIDE to Stock Photography and Graphics
(tips and advices for beginning stock photographers and simply those who wants to make pro-quality images)

Please, do not hesitate to contact me (by e-mail one or e-mail two) if any questions or problems.

Copyright 2006 Photosky

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